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How long did Fred walk yesterday evening?

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Every day, Fred takes the train to travel from his work back to Alkmaar, his place of residence. Usually, he arrives at the station of Alkmaar at six o'clock, and exactly at that moment, he is picked up by his wife by car. Yesterday evening, Fred took an earlier train, without informing his wife, and therefore he already was at the station of Alkmaar at five o'clock. He decided to walk part of the way to meet his wife. When he met the car with his wife, he drove home with her. In this way, they were home ten minutes earlier than normal. Fred's wife always drives the entire way between home and station at the same constant speed.

How long did Fred walk yesterday evening?

posted May 7, 2014 by Samardeep Acharya

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Amogh, a regular commuter, arrives at the train station at five o'clock every evening, where his wife meets him and drives him home. One day, Amogh takes an earlier train and arrives at the station at four. Instead of calling his wife, he decides to walk home along the route his wife usually takes. They meet somewhere along the way and they drive home, arriving 10 minutes earlier than usual. Let us say that the wife drives at a constant speed and always leaves just in time to meet the five o;clock train, how long did Amogh walk before his wife picked him up?

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A medieval king needed to work out how he could recruit fighting men for the battle ahead. However, there were so many distractions around the castle, his thinking became confused. So, in order to change his daze into knights, he asked for a secluded walk to be made so that he could ponder in peace.

The head gardener was given the job of planting lines of high bushes. First, he planted a line running 100 paces east. Then from the end of that line he planted a line 100 paces north, then 100 west, 98 south, 98 east, 96 north, 96 west, and so on, dropping the measurement by two paces every second anticlockwise 90 degree turn. This made a square spiral path 2 paces wide.

If the king intended to walk down the middle of the path, how long was the path?

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One day he walked around the park 4 times.
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