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How long did Fred walk yesterday evening?

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Every day, Fred takes the train to travel from his work back to Alkmaar, his place of residence. Usually, he arrives at the station of Alkmaar at six o'clock, and exactly at that moment, he is picked up by his wife by car. Yesterday evening, Fred took an earlier train, without informing his wife, and therefore he already was at the station of Alkmaar at five o'clock. He decided to walk part of the way to meet his wife. When he met the car with his wife, he drove home with her. In this way, they were home ten minutes earlier than normal. Fred's wife always drives the entire way between home and station at the same constant speed.

How long did Fred walk yesterday evening?

posted May 7, 2014 by Samardeep Acharya

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Siya is training for a charity race by running circuits, getting gradually slower. Her first three circuits took her 1 minute 11 seconds, 1 minute 15 seconds and 1 minute 29 seconds. If, after her fourth circuit, her average circuit time is 11 seconds longer than her fastest circuit, how long did it take Siya to complete her fourth circuit?

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1 n a running race, Rohan finished in three-quarters of the time Soham took, plus 20 seconds. Tavish finished in seven-ninths of Soham's time plus 12 seconds.
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Three workmen set out to dig a hole.
On his own, Vikram can dig a hole in 18 minutes, Harish can dig a hole in 6 minutes and Mahesh can dig a hole in 5 minutes.
They started to dig this hole together.
Unfortunately, Mahesh had forgotten what he was supposed to be doing and was actually shovelling the dirt back into the hole at the same rate as he could have removed dirt.
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