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What is the distance between the fourth and the first village ?

+1 vote

There is a straight highway. Four different villages lie on that highway. The distance between them is different. The third village is 60km away from the first village; the fourth is 40 km away from the second; the third is 10 km near to the fourth that it is to the second.

Can you calculate the distance between the fourth and the first village ?

posted Apr 5, 2015 by Manish Tiwari

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1 Answer

0 votes

0 - 35 - 60 - 75 km -> 75 km

answer Apr 20, 2015 by Jcm

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In a town, there are four houses located at different distances from each other. Following are the distances:
The third house is 60 km apart from the first house.
The fourth house is 40 km apart from the second house.
The third house is 10 km nearer to the fourth house than it is to the second house.

Can you find out the distance between the fourth and the first house ?

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Starting from his home, Kay moves 40km towards North. He then takes a right turn and walks 30 km to reach point D. From there, he turns towards North-West and moves 50 km. After which he moved 40 km towards North and reaches a point which is in line with his home and the point where he took the first turn. Then, he turns and travels towards South-West for 80√2 km to reach point F which is inline with point D and the point where he took the first turn. From F, he finally turned 135 degrees towards his right and walked 80 km to reach point E.

Q: In which direction is point E with respect to the point D and what is the shortest distance between point F and point D?

+1 vote

Fifty is my first, my second is the third in fourth, and my end is the end of an ending. With a nut I become a nut that isn't, and without one I move.
What am i?

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