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Four Question, One Answer: One River Name, One Flower Name, One Film Name, One Actress Name?

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Four Question and one Answer:
1. One River Name?
2. One Flower Name?
3. One Film Name?
4. One Actress/Heroine Name?

In Hindi -
कोई ऐसा जबाब दीजिये जो इन चारो का एक ही नाम हो ।
1. एक नदी का नाम ?
2. एक फूल का नाम ?
3. एक फिल्म का नाम ?
4. एक हीरोइन का नाम ?

posted Mar 14, 2015 by anonymous

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6 Answers

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Best answer

Mandakini :)

answer Mar 15, 2015 by Salil Agrawal
But is there a movie/Film by this name????????
Yes there is a river with the name Mandakini
+2 votes

1. Mandakini is a River in Uttarakhand, India.

enter image description here

2. Mandakini is a former Bollywood actress. She is best remembered for her role in the 1985 movie Ram Teri Ganga Maili.

enter image description here

3. Mandakini is a Kannada movie which is directed by Ramesh Surve and release in 2008.

enter image description here

4. Mandakini is a flower.

enter image description here

answer May 25, 2016 by Atindra Kumar Nath
0 votes

This is an interesting question!!!.
River name flower name heroin name and a movie name are same. For four question we will have same answer.
So, the answer for this question is :
1.River Name----- Mandakini is the river in originates near kedarnath in uttarakandh.
2.Flower Name ----Mandakini is the name of the flower.
3.Heroine Name---- Mandakini is the name of the heroine.
4.Movie name: Madakini is the name of movie.

answer Sep 16, 2017 by anonymous
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answer Sep 20, 2017 by Mogadala Ramana
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answer Sep 20, 2017 by Mogadala Ramana
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answer Mar 15, 2015 by Varghese Anthony

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