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What is the distance of the journey ?

+1 vote

A and B start at the same time with speeds of 40 km/hour and 50 km/hour respectively.
If in covering the journey, A taken 15 minutes longer than B, what is the distance of the journey ?

posted May 2, 2014 by Maninder Bath

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1 Answer

+3 votes

let time taken by a be x
b be y
Speed of a =40 kmph = 11.11 m/s
Speed of b = 50 kmph = 13.89 m/s
And x = y+900

11.11 = distance / x-----------(1)
13.89 = distance / y-----------(2)
frm 1 and 2,
11.11*x = 13.89*y
x = 1.25 y
So 1.25y = y + 900
y = 3600
putting y = 3600 in eqn 2 we get
distance = 50000 m = 50 km

answer Jan 27, 2015 by Jaspalsingh Parmar

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