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What were the results of all six matches?

0 votes

A soccer team played six matches, out of which they won two, drew two and lost two. During these matches the team scored three goals and conceded two goals.
What were the results of all six matches?

posted Feb 25, 2015 by Parampreet Kaur

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Similar Puzzles
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In a four digit number all the four digits are different and sum of all digits is 27. In the number 3 and 4 are not present. Tens and units digits are least and greatest digits of the given number respectively.

Can you tell us what is the sum of all possible results ?

0 votes

A check grand prix was organized in a knock-out format. After every match, the loser would be eliminated. The number of participants were 256. How many matches were played?

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I am a set of three words, all with the same six letters.
First I am a kingdom, though not royally so.
Then spell me backwards, and I become a thin plate.
Now rearrange my consonants, leaving my vowels in place ...
I am now a type of paper.

What are the words?

+2 votes

A six digit number has the maximum number of possibilities of perfect square as given below
1. First digit is a perfect square
2. Second digit is a perfect square
3. Third digit is a perfect square
4. Number formed by first and second digit in order is perfect square
5. Number formed by third and fourth digit in order is perfect square
6. Number formed by fifth and sixth digit in order is perfect square
7.Number formed by last three digit in order is perfect square
Here sixth digit means the units place.
All the digits in the number are different and non zero.

What will be the product of all the six digit ?

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