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How will the dumb tell this to blind?

0 votes

If 3 men are illiterate one is deaf one is blind one is dumb, blind’s wife kidnapped by deaf than how will the dumb tell this to blind?

posted May 1, 2014 by Sandeep Bedi

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–1 vote

A girl is blind,deaf,dumb nd uneducated too. A boy loves her. How wil he propose wit out touching her? its a Infosys question Reply if u can.. Its a challenge . if you know answer please reply otherwise send all our friends and collect the answer...?

On behalf of Saravana Nagul

0 votes

A blind man wife was being taken away by a deaf and a mute saw him.
Now how will mute tell the blind that his wife ran away with the deaf?

In Hindi
एक अंधे की बीबी को बहरा भगा कर ले जा रहा था और गूँगे ने उसे देख लिया
अब गूँगा अंधे को कैसे बताएगा के तुम्हारी बीबी बहरे के साथ भाग गयी

–1 vote

5 People are sitting under a Banyan tree.
First person is a Dumb.
Second is a Blind Man.
Third person is a Deaf.
Fourth person has no hands.
and Fifth person has no legs.
A Mango dropped from above,
Now tell, who will pick it up first ?

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