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What am I, I’m a 9 letter word It should be in control of government but in India its not…?

+1 vote

I’m a 9 letter word
It should be in control of government, but in India its not…
9,5,9,8 an Indian cheapest car
1,8,9 a Korean car
2,3,4,5,6,7 an Italian bike manufacturer.
What am I?

posted Feb 4, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+3 votes
Best answer

4 letter Indian cheapest car is NANO

3 letter Korean car is EON

6 letter Italian bike manufacturer is DUCATI


answer Feb 4, 2015 by Bhavish D A

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I'm a ten-letter word, but when I am heard,
I have only four, not one letter more.

My first two sounds are neat; a kind of sheet,
That starts with spread, not the kind on a bed.

Of my sounds, the third is what will be heard,
alphabetically, in the middle of modus operandi.

If you want to hear more, then like the shore,
I end at the sea, that's a hint, you see.

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I am five letter word, people eat me.
If you remove first letter it will be a form of energy.
If you remove my first two letters, I will be needed for living.
If you remove my first three letters, I will be near you.
If you remove my first four letters, I will be a drink for you.

What am I?

guess it

–2 votes

I am a 10 letter word
3,4,1 is part of pace
8,9,2,5 is a country
7,2,9 is a name of God
6,8 is a Musical Note
1,10,2 is a fruit

My whole means same
from both sides.
What am I ?