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Find the kitchen utensils in these sentences.

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  1. I made this for Kate

  2. Let's help otters for the Zookeeper.

  3. Wear a bow like a woman!

  4. He has pork in a Subway sandwich.

posted Feb 4, 2015 by Mishthy Mukherjee

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Find the 4 ancient elements of the world in these sentences.

The Flag of Ireland is divided into 3 parts.
My heart had been broken this Valentine's day.
The city of Ottawa terminated the ban on silly bands in school.
The new indie game is called Mega Potatoes: 2!

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The name of a country is hiding in the consecutive letters within a sentence. For example, FRANCE is hiding in, "The runners who lived at the top of the cliff ran centuries ago" (clifF RAN CEenturies).

Find the name of the country hiding in the consecutive letters within these sentences.

 1. You all must pay it back, or each of you will be in trouble.

 2. Was Doctor Dolittle's favorite animal a glib yak?

 3. A true optimist will never let hope rush away.

 4. How often can a daydream come true?

 5. Is there a health spa in this hotel?

 6. They are going in diametrically opposite directions.

 7. Is the county fair a nice place to visit?

 8. The foot with which I lead is my left one.

 9. He owns a ranch in Arizona.

10. The foods we deny ourselves are usually tasty.
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Each of the sentences below use two words which are synonyms of each other, but here in these sentences, they are not used with the same meaning. Can you find the words ?

  1. You cannot ______ to imagine what a _____ you gave me.

  2. Service is my ______ name, you will always find me in the community _______.

  3. The cook used the largest ______ to make a stew for the full complement of the _____.

  4. They agreed to meet outside the _____ of justice for their _____.

  5. I know you will _____ me for this purchase, I cannot _____ you.

  6. The ______ of bids for the ______ of Eros was unparalleled.

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Hidden in the following sentences are objects which you may find in a kitchen. Can you find them?

  1. John wanted to name his new dog either Wilf or Ken.

  2. "I'll always be here to help, you know", his kind uncle Albert said.

  3. Jenny put the soup and the bread on the table, ready for lunch.

  4. Even though Sarah shouted "Stop!", other people carried on running.

  5. After a long day at the office, James drove northwards towards his house.

  6. David's model boat was broken. Even though the stern was solid, the bow leaked and had to be repaired"

  7. The children laughed as the clown swung Alec upside down and round and round.

  8. Grandad saw David was having trouble with his history homework and said "Hey, Lad, let me help you".

  9. When dad brought a friend home with him, mum said to him "Fred, is he staying for dinner?"

  10. Steve loved watching the programme about Scotland. His favourite bit was watching lasses dance the Highland Fling.