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How do you divide 10 apples between 11 people and everyone must have the same amount?

+1 vote
How do you divide 10 apples between 11 people and everyone must have the same amount?
posted Feb 3, 2015 by Yogeshwar Thakur

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5 Answers

+6 votes

Its told same amount not same apple
So we can make apple juice or apple sauce

answer Feb 3, 2015 by Jaspalsingh Parmar
+1 vote

IF we read carefully the question, then we can understand that what is asked in the question is "Every one must have same AMOUNT" and not apple!! The only way to do this to prepare apple juice from the 10 apples and then distribute the juice equally among the 11 people. DR. M.J. SUBRAMANYAM

answer Jan 15, 2019 by M J Subramanyam
+1 vote

You can also cut each apple into 11 equal pieces and each one will get 10 pieces.

answer Jan 16, 2019 by Jcm
0 votes


answer Sep 14, 2017 by Mogadala Ramana
0 votes

Make juice of all ten apples and divide the juice equally in eleven glasses.

answer Aug 14, 2018 by Chandresh Jardosh

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