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Which number has this property?

0 votes

Of all the numbers whose literal representations in capital letters consists only of straight-line segments (for example, FIVE), only one number has a value equal to the number of segments used to write it. Which number has this property?

posted Apr 30, 2014 by Amarvansh

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What 5-digit number has the following property? If we put numeral 1 in front of the number, we get a number three times smaller, than if we put the numeral 1 behind this number.

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If you have to finish with a double in a game of darts, which number has the most number of different ways of finishing with 2 darts? (for instance 20 could be 18 and double 1, double 8 and double 2, treble 2 and double 7 etc )

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Can you find a five digit number which has no zeros no digit is repeated, where:

The first digit is a prime number.
The second digit is the fifth digit minus the first digit.
The third digit is twice the first digit.
The fourth digit is the third digit plus three.
The fifth digit is the difference between the first digit and the fourth digit.

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