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What is the name of the driver?

+1 vote

You drive a bus from Delhi to Gurgaon. At the first bus stop, 33 people get in. At the second bus stop, 7 more people get in, and 11 passengers step off. At the third bus stop, 5 passengers step off and 2 people get in. After one hour, the bus arrives in Gurgaon.What is the name of the driver?

posted Apr 29, 2014 by Nikita Sehgal

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2 Answers

+1 vote

My name. Because I am driving the bus as per the question.

answer Apr 30, 2014 by Priyaa Trippayar Sahasranaman
0 votes

Its my name. Cause i'am driving the bus.

answer Jun 28, 2014 by Binu Mon

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