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For each missing case file below, figure out what noun or compound noun is represented. Each answer ends with "case".

0 votes

As an example, for "the case of the missing writing instruments", the answer would be "pencil case".

1) The case of the missing steps.
2) The case of the missing jacket.
3) The case of the missing ice cubes.
4) The case of the missing coffee filters.

posted Jan 22, 2015 by Nimish

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1 Answer

0 votes
  1. Staircase
  2. Suitcase
  3. Cold case
  4. Basket case
answer Aug 25, 2018 by Hanifa Mammadov

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See if you can figure out these words using the clues listed below. Each word ends with "BOARD".
Please note that numbers 4 and 5 are two separate words. Have fun!

1) Used with telephones
2) A place to advertise
3) Right-side of ship
4) Found around water
5) Old-time cars had two
6) Computers need them
7) College professor's headgear
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1. _ivi_
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Listed below are clues that refer to 2 different words. The sound of these words, put together, make a different compound word. Also, just to make things even trickier, when you figure out words, you might need to switch them around to find the compound word.
Ex. A piece of bread used foe making some sandwiches shaped as the fifth letter of the alphabet. ( Bun + E = Bunny )
Can you figure out all the compound words?
1. A relation's short sleep.
2. The talker was the opposite of quiet.
3. A cube-shaped vehicle.
4. Spade's situation.

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Several clues are given below. Each answer will be either begin or end with the same three letters.

  1. Type of grain
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  3. Cylindrical container
  4. Trade without money
  5. Secondary discussion
  6. An artistic style
  7. Prying tool
  8. Roast outdoors
  9. Type of moustache
  10. Measures pressure
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1. Celestial body
2. Attracts metal
3. Lower in position
4. Poem
5. Stinging insect
6. Plant with stinging hairs
7. Storage cupboard
8. Connected computers
9. Baby cradle
10. Woodwind instrument
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