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multiplication puzzle

+1 vote

It’s a multiplication puzzle.

          T E N  × __ __ A           (Pls note it is not X, but multiplication sign).  
                                                   There is no letter X in this puzzle 
               __  __  __ 
         __ __ __  __ 
       E A  T  __ 

      E N I G M A

A letter stands for a particular digit throughout, different letters stand for different digits. The letters already shown, of course, also be used to fill in the blanks, but need not be.
Find the value in digits for ENIGMA.

posted Jan 9, 2015 by Bhavish D A

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Multiplication of 5 different integers is 12, then what are those integers.

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In the division puzzle below, some digits are given, but unfortunately they are all wrong. The same wrong digit need not represent the same correct digit in this puzzle. The position of the digits and the number of digits are critical to solve the puzzle.

The task is to write out the correct digits.

enter image description here

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Find a number which is Divided by 2 the balance should be 1,
div by 3 bal 2,
div by 4 bal 3,
div by 5 bal 4,
div by 6 bal 5,
div by 7 bal 0,
div by 8 bal 7.

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