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Feared by the living In your everyday life I am used,................... dangerous to control . What am i ?

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Feared by the living In your everyday life I am used, seen, or felt Restless I am when let loose Easy to let free but dangerous to control .
What am i ?

posted Dec 23, 2014 by Saif Khanam

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I drift forever with the current and flows to your everyday life. I make living easy but I am good at killing people too. What am I?

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I am a five letter word and am feared by most but experienced by all.
If you remove my first and last letters I bring life.
If you add an ‘r’ between the third and fourth letters I am almost nothing and
if you remove the first letter from this new word, I am your home.

What am I?

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For some, I am used to get around. I never even touch the ground. Sometimes I fall in a large open tank and sometimes I float in the air and then rise. What am I?

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Who am I?
* I am a 6 letter word.
* 1324 is the element mostly used in our day to day life.
* Letters 4,5,6 forms a word where a wild animal lives in.
* Letter 3 is the part of head.
* Letter 2 and 4 indicate reputation.

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