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What is which a boy wear everyday but a girl only once in a year?

–4 votes

ऐसी कौन सी चीज है जिसे Boy हर रोज पहनता है, और Girl साल मे एक बार पहनती है .

posted Dec 22, 2014 by anonymous

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3 Answers

0 votes

Not Sure but may be A beard? Because in the womb the baby is covered in light hair, but when your a girl you don`t grow real facial hair anymore since born? So technically the girl in the womb wears a sort of beard?

answer Jan 14, 2015 by Salil Agrawal
0 votes

Give me answer

answer Jul 11, 2017 by Imroj Angina
0 votes

nothing is the answer

answer Sep 12, 2017 by Mogadala Ramana

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