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A Chinese, Indian and a Swiss were going to a party. Who is most likely to bring a plus one?

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A Chinese, Indian and a Swiss were going to a party. Who is most likely to bring a plus one?
posted Mar 28 by Puneet Batra

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There are two arch enemies Messi and Ronaldo who hate each other to an extreme. One day both were going together and a Jeanie appeared in front of them. Jeanie grants 3 wishes to Ronaldo and one to Messi.

Messi replied smartly ‘Give me twice whatever Ronaldo demands’.

Ronaldo asked his 1st wish ‘Give me 10000 billion dollars. Soon Messi gets 2000 billion dollars.

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5 friends were going to go camping - Renne, Cate, Me,Tim ,and Charlotte. We each brought 1 thing. Renne, Tim and Charlotte got a drink.Coke, Mountain Dew, and Pepsi. Charlotte got the drink with the same letter as the one in her first name.Tim loves Pepsi. Then the other 2 got food. Smores and Popcorn. Im allergic to salt so who got what?

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Christine is going as a witch,

Eric is going as a spider

and Stephen is going as a ghost.

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