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There are two insects on a tile. Insect X is sitting on one side of the tile (point A) and Insect Y is sitting........

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There are two insects on a tile. Insect X is sitting on one side of the tile (point A) and Insect Y is sitting opposite on the other side of the tile (point B). Now both of them decide to change their position and thus X starts crawling to point B and Y starts crawling to point A. When they meet and pass each other in between, X takes 20 seconds to reach B and Y takes just 5 seconds to reach A.

Can you calculate the total time each of the insects took to change their positions?

posted Jan 16 by Mohammad

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There are 2 books sitting side by side, consisting of exactly 100 pages.
The book on the left is upside down.
If you add the page number at the extreme left side of the book on the left to the page number at the extreme right side of the right hand side book, what is the total?

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There are two girls, x and y who want to board a tricycle of fare N130 together, paying equally. A senior gave them both N420 to give a beggar 1/6 of it and share the remaining in 6:5 ratio. If x gives the driver N200 out of the N420, and collects N70 change. y gives x N100; x gives y N25; and y gives x N50. y owing x N200 earlier, how much will x give/get to/from y?

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There are 3 men, two Chimps, and one Gorilla on one side of a river:

They have a boat but only the men and the Gorilla can row the boat across, so there must always be a human and/or Gorilla on the boat.
The boat can only carry two people/monkeys.
If monkeys and humans are together on one side of the river there must be as many or more people than monkeys for the men's safety.
How can all men and monkeys make it to the other side?

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A bus can travel 66.66% faster than a car.
Both start from the point X at the same time and reach point Y which is 114 kms away from X at the same time.
On the way, however, the bus lost about 48 minutes while stopping at the stations.
What is the speed of the bus in km/hr?