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A landlord calls both of his sons and tells them that their horses will now decide who will transfer the inheritance....

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A landlord calls both of his sons and tells them that their horses will now decide who will transfer the inheritance. He tells them to race along the land till the end and the one whose horse will be slower will win and be the heir to all the property.

Both of them keep wandering for days but to no result. Then they ask a wise man regarding it. The man advises them over the matter after which they jump on the horses and race as fast as they can till the end. Why did they do it?

What did the wise man say?

posted Oct 27 by Aarati Mahajan

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An Arab sheikh tells his two sons
to race their camels to a distant city
to see who will inherit his fortune.
The one whose camel is slower wins.

After wandering aimlessly for days,
the brothers ask a wise man for guidance.

Upon receiving the advice,
they jump on the camels and
race to the city as fast as they can.

What did the wise man say to them?

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The rich landlord wants to marry the beautiful farmer's daughter. He tells the daughter that if she doesn't marry him, he will evict her father from the farm and they will be homeless. She begs for mercy. Slyly, the landlord agrees to allow her one chance to stay. He pulls a bag from his pocket, and reaches down and picks up 2 stones from the rocky path then places them in the bag. Reach into the bag and pull out one stone. If you pull out the black stone you will agree to marry me. If you pull out the white stone you and your father can live here rent free. The problem is that she knows that he picked up two black stones and no matter which one she selects she will be forced to marry him.
What can she do to avoid marrying the greedy landlord?

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On his deathbed an old man calls his 3 sons and tells them that all he has is a sack of gold, which will go to the smartest son. He then gives them 1 dollar each and tells them to return at 9pm with something that will fill the room.
The first brings a bag filled with fine cotton.
The second brings a balloon filled with air.
But he gives the bag of gold to his third son.
What did he bring ?

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A man died and leaves Rs.10,000 in his will. There are 6 beneficiaries- his 3 sons and their wives. The 3 wives receive Rs.3960 of which Priyanka gets Rs.100 more than Tanu and Neha gets Rs.100 more than Priyanka.
Pramod gets twice as much as his wife, Tushar gets the same as his wife, and Prashant gets 50% more than his wife.

Who is married to whom?

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A man is on his death bed. He has two sons. All these years, he has treated them equally and has not put any sort of discrimination between them. Now, he owns a land which he wants to divide equally between his sons before he takes his final breath. The only problem is that the land is not in any symmetrical shape and thus can’t simply be divided into two equal halves.

Can you figure out a method to divide the land without going through all the extensive measurements such that both sons are happy with their share of land ?