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A man walks south for 3 miles, Then east for 4 miles, Then north for 1 mile, Then west for 1 mile, Then north...........

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A man walks south for 3 miles
Then east for 4 miles
Then north for 1 mile
Then west for 1 mile
Then north for 2 miles
In which direction and for how far should he walk to return to his starting point?

posted Jun 2, 2022 by Varun Kumar

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A girl walks 2 km north, then east for 3 km, south for 3 km, west for 2 km and north for 1 km. In which direction and how far should she walk to return to the start ?

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A man walks 1 mile south, 1 mile east and then 1 mile north. He returns to the origin of his journey.
How is this possible?

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A pedestrian walks three miles due south.
She then stops.
Next she walks three miles due north.
She has walked six miles and she is six miles away from where she started, instead of being back there.
How come?
There are many places she might have been.
How would you map them?

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If we change the South-East direction into North and North-East into West and all others similarly.
Can you find out which direction will be in the place of South-West direction?