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Can you calculate the score for each of the five throws ?

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A solo dice game is played. In this game, upon each turn, a normal pair of dice is rolled and the score is calculated not by adding the numbers but multiplying them.

It is observed that in a particular game, the score for the second roll is five more than what was achieved in the first roll. The score for the third roll is six less than what was achieved in the second roll. The score for the fourth roll is eleven more than what was achieved in the third roll. The score for the fifth roll is eight less than what was achieved in the fourth roll.

Can you calculate the score for each of the five throws ?

posted Nov 11, 2014 by Samardeep Acharya

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1 Answer

+2 votes

first time 2,5 = 10
second time 3,5 = 15 that is 5 more then first.
third time 3,3 =9 which is 6 less than second time roll.
fourth time 5,4 = 20 which is 11 more than third time roll.
fifith time 6,2 = 12 which is 8 less than fourth time roll..

answer Nov 11, 2014 by Gaurav Shukla

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