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How far does it fall during the 16th second of its motion?

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A body falls 12 m in the first second of its motion, 28 m in the second, 44 m in the third, 60 m in the fourth and so on.
How far does it fall during the 16th second of its motion?

posted Jan 6 by Aman

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A car has travelled 60 kms at 60 kmph.

It started its journey with 8 litres of fuel, but its tank has been leaking throughout its journey and is now dry.

The car completes 40 kms per litre.

How many litres of fuel does it leak per hour?

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Two friends decided to get together, so they start riding bikes towards each other.
They plan to meet halfway.
Each is riding at 6 kmph.
They live 36 kms apart.
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The pigeon flies back and forth at 18 kmph between the two friends until the friends meet.
How far does the pigeon travel?

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Mahendra walks up and down a hill which is three kilometers each way. His dog, being slower, walks at half the speed. When Mahendra reaches the top of the hill he turns around and walks down to meet his dog part way. Mahendra continues walking to the bottom of the hill maintaining his speed. The dog follows him, also maintaining his speed.

How far does the dog walk?

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A fan will fall or not fall there is two outcome of the event then does it mean fan falling probability is .5 ? If so then 50% fan should fall, whats wrong with the argument?

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A man runs with speed 54 km/hr in a straight path starting from A at 8 AM for 35 minute. What should be his speed for rest of the motion, completing 100 kms from A to B upto 9 AM.