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Complete seven letter word _ T _ A _S_

+3 votes

Girls love it.
Boys use it.
Parents hate it.
Animals are scared of it.

posted Feb 21, 2014 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

Solution to this brain-teaser game:

The German word "STRAUSS" can also be written as "STRAUß" and actually has different interpretations:

  1. The first interpretation of the German word "STRAUSS" is "a bunch or a bouquet of flowers".

  2. The word "STRAUSS" is a uncommon name given to boys.

  3. Another definition of the German word is "battle, struggle or fight".

  4. Another meaning of the word "STRAUSS" is "an ostrich".

Connections of the German word "STRAUSS" to the four clues:

First clue:
The first given clue "Girls love it" greatly support the first definition of the word "STRAUSS" because when a boy or when a girl`s crush gives her a bunch or a bouquet of flowers, the girl will definitely love it.

Second clue:
The second given clue "Boys use it" also support the second meaning of the word "STRAUSS" because it is given to them as their first name. It is also pronounced as "STRAWS".

Third clue:
The third presented clue "Parents hate it" also support the third definition of the German word "STRAUSS" because parents hate to fight to each other.

Fourth clue:
The fourth clue "Animals are scared of it" highly support the fourth definition of the word "STRAUSS" because the ostrich is the largest living bird and has a very powerful and devastating leg attack. The ostrich actually is native to south Africa and it is a very aggressive bird and it uses its two powerful legs to attack animals in which the animals are scared of it.

Therefore, the precise seven letter word answer to this brain-teaser is the German word "STRAUSS".

answer Mar 30, 2014 by Hiteshwar Thakur

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