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A cop is chasing a man that just robbed a bank in crimesville.........What is the name of the sheriff and the third man?

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A cop is chasing a man that just robbed a bank in crimesville. The cops name is robber and the robbers name is cop. Another man is a theft at another bank steeling money and another police is chasing him. The polices name is theft and the mans name is police. A third man steels money at the other bank in crimesville and the sheriff is chasing him. What is the name of the sheriff and the third man?

posted Nov 24 by Sandeep Bedi

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Below are the two single women, but one of them lived a whole life in poverty who just robbed a bank.
Can you guess which one?

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The police rounded up Jim, Bud and Sam yesterday,
because one of them was suspected of having robbed a bank.
The three suspects made the following statements under intensive questioning:
Jim: I'm innocent.
Bud: I'm innocent.
Sam: Bud is guilty.
If only one of these statements is true,
who robbed the bank?

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Two cops walk into a doughnut shop. One gets a sprinkle doughnut and the second one gets a sugar doughnut. What did the third cop get?

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I am just an ordinary word that comes in form of a man, accepted by many but rejected by a few, not felt by many but felt by a few, not shown by many but shown by a few. What am I?

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Two Brothers rob a bank. One of them is heavily armed and demands that the bank teller give him all the money. The other brother is unarmed and is begging his brother to stop what he's doing. The armed brother then proceeds to fill the bag with money. His brother pleads with him to give the money back and the put the gun down. Meanwhile, the security guards have the armed brother in their sight but decide not to shoot. The brothers escaped with the money but are easily identified and captured. When the brothers go to court, they both walk free after their trial for robbing the bank. how is this possible?
How did he do this?