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What day of the year is a command to go forward?

0 votes
posted Nov 11 by Akriti

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*Forward* *backwards* is what I do all day. I come in all different shapes and sizes. I can be scary, and I can calm you down. What am I ??

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There's a day, that comes around once a year.
To celebrate the man, you hold dear.
He gave you life, love and will pick you up if you fall.
When it comes to guys like him, He's the best of all.
Who is he?

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When spelt, it is a question,
When shouted, it is a command,
It is great for your health,
But stiff on the sand.
What is it?

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A six-foot-tall magician holds a beer mug on the top of his head,

He bends forward and let’s it fall to the ground,

When it hits the ground, there is not a spot of beer spilled,

How can this be?