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Who is strong enough to hold a car with one hand?

0 votes
Who is strong enough to hold a car with one hand?
posted Sep 28 by Chahat Sharma

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I am a being with many faces.
My first is peaceful and calm, but can kill you.
My second is strong enough to smash ships but still fears the sun.
My third flies when it's born and runs when it's dead.
My fourth goes away and never returns.
What am I?

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There was a bridge that could only hold 70 KG. A man who needed to get over the bridge was 68 KG BUT he had 3 pine apples each weighing 1 KG.
How could he get over the bridge?

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I'm strong, but I'm not known for my good looks.
I'm popular with the ladies, especially good cooks.
I'm thin-skinned from my head to my toes.
Some see me in the paper and turn up their nose,
Because I'm famous as "the Stinking Rose."

Who, or what, am I?