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Jean dislikes anchovies,Harrison dislikes onions and Gemma dislikes marzipan. Is it Larry or Leroy who dislikes oysters?

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Jean dislikes anchovies,Harrison dislikes onions and Gemma dislikes marzipan. Is it Larry or Leroy who dislikes oysters?
posted Sep 3 by Yogeshwar Thakur

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‘The Story of __________________________’, ‘The Travels of __________________________’, ‘__________________________.

The King’, ‘A.B.C. of __________________________’, ‘__________________________ and Zephyr’, ‘__________________________ and his Children’ and ‘__________________________ and Father Christmas’ were the original
seven books featuring __________________________, written by Jean de Brunhoff in the 30's and 40's.

After de Brunhoff's death, his son Laurent continued the series, writing more than 40 __________________________ books in his lifetime.

Guess the name of the character?

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Leena likes grapes but not potatoes.
She likes squash but not lettuce,
and she likes peas but not onions.
Following the same rule,
will she like pumpkins or apples?

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Alexis jumped off the top of building a suicide attempt not knowing that a safety net is already there near the 8th floor. However, he was interrupted by a bullet shot at the back of head fired near the 10th story window. Alexis falls on the safety net but was dead at the instance.
Normally if a person intends to commit suicide and his actions cause his death, it is a suicide even if the death does not take place in the way the person expected.
But if it's not the bullet Alexis must have survived.

Later on, investigation police found out that an old man angrily fired at her wife in the 1oth floor flat. however, shot missed the wife and hit the Alexis.
Normally, when a person intends to kill one human being and by his action kills another human being accidental, the charge is murder.

Later on the investigation, it was found out that gun was always unloaded and the man is just threatening his wife Further investigation revealed that the shotgun had been loaded by the couple's adult son, who was angry at his mother for cutting off monetary support. The son was hoping one day his father accidentally killed his mother
Normally when a person plans something whose action kills another human being, the charge is murder.
Is this a murder or suicide and if murder who is guilty?

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He can look up to the skies and dream.
He is bestowed with the greatest title of all, which nothing can claim to deserve.
He is not necessarily a he.
Neither is he necessarily a she.
But definitely not an it.
He exists in diversity
He has many forms.
But truly, He is one and the same.

Who is this enigma?

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The circumference of the Earth is around 40,075 km.

If we made a circle of a wire around the globe, that is only 10 meters (0.01 km) longer than the circumference of the globe;

Who among the following (an ant, a mouse or a man) could be able to creep under it?