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Every words stands for unique digit that makes the arithmetic equation true.What are the digits ?

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Every words stands for unique digit that makes the arithmetic equation true


What are the digits ?

posted Jul 26 by Anshika Utadi

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In the following code, each symbol stands for one of five letters
) stands for T,E,S,A or L .
< stands for F,E,C,R or P . > stands for E,R,L,K or s
[ stands for F,S,E,D or R. ] stands for W,M,J,U or Y
( stands for N,H,A,O or B

The six letter code word
can be translated into two english words that are opposites.
What are the two words?

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There is a number which when you multiply by 3 and subtract 2 from the result, then the resulting number is the reverse of the actual number.

What is the smallest number that stands true on the statement?

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Can you solve the below alphametic riddle by replacing letters of words by a number so that the below equation holds true?


+1 vote

I am a four digit number that is the same when my digits are written backwards. The sum of my outside digits is 6 times the sum of my two middle digits . What number am i ?

–1 vote

I am thinking of a five digit number such that:
First and last digits are same, their submission is an even number and multiplication is an odd number and is equal to the fourth number. Subtract five from it and we obtain the second number. Then divide into exact half nd we get 3rd number.

What number I am thinking of?