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Thousands of orphans who lost their old home, found by others who have lost their own. To hide a secret that............

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Thousands of orphans who lost their old home,
found by others who have lost their own.
To hide a secret that is obvious to all,
becomes even more obvious when the host falls.

What am I?

posted Jul 20 by Sandeep Bedi
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A famous chemist was found murdered in his own lab.

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On 18 July every year, individuals contribute 67 minutes of their time to doing good for others. This practice was instituted in 2009,
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For thousands of years I have been well behaved,
dancing and moving under their watchful gaze,
but secretly I embark on daring escapades,
tangling with friends, slipping through blockades,
but when doubters look I am still in one place,
Only recently have they seen through my clever charade

What am I?

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