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In each sentence below, the name of a fruit is hidden. Each of these fruits end with the word 'berry'...................

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In each sentence below, the name of a fruit is hidden.
Each of these fruits end with the word 'berry'.
You wan't find the word 'berry' itself hidden there, of course, but try to find the missing part of each fruit to give it its full name.
1. He looked blue in the face from too much exposure to the freezing cold outside.
2. Boys, enter at your own risk!
3. We have a beautiful farm out in the countryside and we own a few goats, duck and one goose.

posted Jun 29 by Tapesh Kulkarni

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Hidden in each sentence is a word.
For example, in the sentence: When I grow up, I want to be a ranger. (Hidden animal). The hidden word is BEAR from "to BE A Ranger".
Now, try to identify the hidden colours in the sentences below:
1. I agree not to eat all the food.
2. Bob decided to jump in, knowing that this is his only choice.
3. The sunset makes Cairo seem magnificent.
4. Some states ship lumber and coal on canal barges.

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In each sentence the name of a tree is hidden. The willow is hiding in the first sentence. Can you find the others?

  1. I will owe you a favor if you drive me to the airport.
  2. I am afraid of going up in elevators.
  3. Drinking cocoa keeps me warm on long winter nights.
  4. I hope the map leads us to buried treasure.
  5. "Eat another bonbon," said our charming hostess.
  6. Nepal may be the most interesting place I have ever visited.
  7. Remember to fold the map, please.
  8. I feel many lumps in this mattress.
  9. Word processing is not as useful as pens and paper for creative brainstorming.
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A name of a musical instrument is hidden in each of these phrases or sentences.

  1. Which arm on Icarus held this instrument?
  2. Man wearing kepi a novice player.
  3. Orpheus carefully replaced ancient instrument.
  4. Educator Gandhi played Bach.
  5. No car in Asia has instrument aboard.
  6. Instrument played in Olympic colorful parade.
  7. Cancel long concert for stringed instrument.
  8. Urban joke played on instrument.
  9. Angelic playing with arpeggios.
  10. Absolutely beautiful playing of stringed instrument.
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In each equation below, part of a common name has been replaced with a definition for a word that is contained within that name. By answering the definition and completing the equation, you will find the name.
(Ric + difficult = ric + hard = Richard)

  1. Put on clothes + ald
  2. Fishing pole + ney
  3. P+ make a mistake + y
  4. Be in debt + n
  5. That girl + r + adult guy
  6. D + eager
  7. B + lease an apartment
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Find a rhyme for each word below so you end up with a familiar three-word phrase in the form "__, __, and __".

Clue = "Cook, Wine, Drinker"
Answer = "Hook, Line, and Sinker"

  1. Shop, Swap, Dole
  2. Mop, Slip, Thump
  3. Mud, Wet, Smears
  4. Sock, Rock, Carol
  5. Claim, Debt, Scratch
  6. Steady, Filling, Label
  7. Warning, Soon, Flight