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Four people are traveling to different places on different types of transport. Their names........How did they traveled?

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Four people are traveling to different places on different types of transport.
Their names are: Rachel, John, Jacob and Cine.
They either went on train, car, plane or ship.
* Jacob hates flying
* Cine has to rent her vehicle
* John gets seasick
How did they traveled?

posted Jun 8 by Yogeshwar Thakur

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What am I

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even if sometimes people are angry to me.
You can find me in different places,
yet you won't always find me stable.
Sometimes you must use your talent,
sometimes you need wisdom to be my best friend.
I was born before NATO's first SACEUR is appointed,
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The names of four famous people have been scrambled. They are: an actor, an astronaut, an author, and a New World explorer (though not necessarily in that order). The lengths of the first and last names are given. Who are they?

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