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Brain Teaser

0 votes

Train times are listed , what time should the Penzance train depart?
Glasgow 07:12, Reading 18:05, Norwich 14:15, Sheffield 19:08, Penzance ?

posted Jun 5 by Victor Saldanha

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Brain Teaser : Words that read the same backward and forward:
For e.g. - A respectful word used to address a lady - MADAM.
1. A male parent or father of a child.
2. A part of face.
3. A word of exclamation..
4. A type of music.
5. A climbing plant.
6. Your parent not your father.
7. A very young child.
8. A weight on a pendulum.
9. Feat or action.
10. Middle of the day.
11. Look quickly or secretly.
12. A moving machine part.
13. Uniform or horizontal.
14. Narratives of heroic deeds.
15. An Indian language.
16. A locating device.
17. To attribute to.
18. A light canoe.
19. A principle.
20. Relating to cities.
21. The first woman.

Answer me by the evening..

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