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Ramayana character puzzle

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posted Jun 3 by anonymous

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*Maths riddle of Ramayana

Before Vibheeshan and his Rakshasha forces joined Rama’s forces at the Indian coast, a spy of Raavan checked out Rama’s army.

“How many are they?” Raavan said.

The spy said, “As I was hiding, I could only see the lower side. I could count 1,404 legs and 600 (small and long) tails. Somehow, it is *not matching up.*”

Ravana said, “You fool, unlike humans and Vaanaras (monkeys), bears stand on their four limbs. And, while Vaanaras have long tails, bears have short ones. Don’t worry, I have guessed their numbers.”

*How many Vaanaras and bears are there in Rama and Lakshman’s army?*

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