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At school Joe has three friends: Tim, George and Paige. Two of them play.............Which sports does each person play?

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At school Joe has three friends: Tim, George and Paige.
Two of them play football, two play tennis, and two play golf.
The friend who doesn't play golf doesn't play tennis and the one who doesn't play football doesn't play golf.
Which sports does each person play?

posted May 12 by Upma

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Three friends namely George, Michael and Robert are friends.
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5 friends were going to go camping - Renne, Cate, Me,Tim ,and Charlotte. We each brought 1 thing. Renne, Tim and Charlotte got a drink.Coke, Mountain Dew, and Pepsi. Charlotte got the drink with the same letter as the one in her first name.Tim loves Pepsi. Then the other 2 got food. Smores and Popcorn. Im allergic to salt so who got what?

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