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I am fluffy I am like a cloud I can be in things it can be soft but you’ll have to do something to own it or buy it

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This is a hard one?

posted May 4 by anonymous

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Question: i have rs 100:
I need to buy this things under rs hundres, price for the birds are:
1rs- 1 crow
1rs- 4 sparrow
5rs - 1 parrot

How much and in which quantity birds i need to find to settle the 100 rupees i have?

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Grow in trees, eat living things
But have no teeth and
Give birth to something that looks nothing like me.

What am I?

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You would like to have $35,000 in 5 years to purchase a new car. At the end of 2 years, you receive a $10,000 bonus that you will deposit immediately towards your goal of $35,000 for the new car. In addition to the bonus, how much must you save in monthly equal installments to reach your goal if your cost of capital is 9 % pa compounding monthly? (Hint: Figure out how the bonus payment affects the amount needed) Answer: $ every month (two decimal places)