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What had happened to necessitate a new cup of tea?

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My friends and I were enjoying the atmosphere (and food) at an authentic English pub in town.
We all ordered tea, and the barmaid brought us all our preferred variety.
She passed by each of us and asked, "Would you like milk or lemon?"
One of my friends simply said "yes" and quickly poured a bit of milk and squeezed a lemon wedge into his cup.
He passed the milk back to the young lady who smiled and said "I"ll be right back with another cup for you, sir."
My friend was confused at first, but upon her return he was happy to have a fresh cup.
What had happened to necessitate a new cup of tea?

posted Apr 27 by Vikram Luthra

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Chetan was having a cup of tea in a restaurant when he called the waiter and told him that there was fly in his tea. Startled, the waiter took the cup and brought a fresh cup of tea. Moments later, Chetan called the waiter again and told him that it was the same cup of tea.

How did he come to know ?

+1 vote

Joesph walked Chuck, a potential new employee, through his company. He briefly went over the safety precautions of a couple machines, their uses, and regular day-to-day activity. Joseph was very impressed with Chuck's qualifications and knowledge on the workings of his business. Chuck was applying for a position in shipping. Joseph took him by the wall where a single dollar hung up. He proudly explained that it was the first dollar he ever made, almost 20 years ago, when the business first started. Finally Joseph brought the man outside and showed him his parking spot. Chuck thanked Joseph for the tour, but then directed Joseph to put his hands over his head.

What happened?

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You have a cup of tea and a cup of coffee (equal amounts), and you take a spoonful of the coffee and mix it thoroughly into the tea. Then you take a spoonful of tea and mix it with the coffee. Does the cup that had tea in it have more coffee or does the cup that had coffee in it have more tea?

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I used to have a little brother. The only memory I have of him is when I used to share the sweets I bought at the shop with him. My little brother still lives on in our hearts, even though he was only one month old when he died. I still miss him.

What happened to his little brother?

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Two mothers and two daughters entered a room.
After an hour, three mothers and five daughters came out of the room.
What happened?

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