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If Sohan gives Thomas £3 they will both have the same amount of money. If Thomas gives Sohan £3, Sohan.................

0 votes

If Sohan gives Thomas £3 they will both have the same amount of money.

If Thomas gives Sohan £3, Sohan will have four times as much money as Thomas.

Who has what?

posted Mar 2 by Amarvansh

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1 Answer

0 votes

Sohan has 13 and Thomas has 7.
Let's say that Sohan has X pound and Thomas Y pounds.
X - 3 = Y + 3 and
X + 3 = 4 * (Y - 3)
X = Y + 6 and
X = 4Y -15
Y + 6 = 4Y - 15
3Y = 21 => Y = 7

answer Mar 2 by Jcm

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If Saurabh gives to Timnish Rs 12 they will both have the same amount of money.
If Timnish gives to Saurabh Rs 12 , Saurabh will have five times as much as Timnish.
Who has what?

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On the market, Mrs. Jain and Mrs. Sharma sell apples. Mrs. Jain sells her apples per two for Rs 50. The apples of Mrs. Sharma are a bit smaller; she sells hers per three for Rs 50. At a certain moment, when both women have the same amount of apples left, Mrs. Sharma is being called away. She asks her neighbor to take care of her goods. To make everything not too complicated, Mrs. Jain puts all apples to one big pile, and starts selling them for Rs 100 per five apples. When Mrs. Sharma returns at the end of the day, all apples have been sold. However, when they start dividing the money, there appears to be a shortage of Rs 350.

Supposing they divide the amount of money equally, how much does Mrs. Jain lose with this deal?

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A, B, and C each had land: am^2 (m^2=square meters), bm^2, and cm^2 (this is c square meter, not square centimeter!) big. A sold 1/4 of his land to B, then B sold 1/3 of the land he had (after he bought land from A) to C.
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One day at the Rohan's house, Rohan and Pawan were playing a game. The rules of the game were simple. You try to make the other person flinch without touching them. You have five seconds to do this. If you do this in five seconds, you earn a point. Instead of using points, Rohan and Pawan used pieces of popcorn. After a certain amount of time, Rohan had seventeen pieces, while Pawan only had eleven. After more time, Rohan doubled his amount, while Pawan tripled his amount! After even more time, Rohan gained seven pieces, while Pawan gained only four.

How many pieces of popcorn does Rohan have to give to Pawan, so that they both have an equal amount of popcorn?

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