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How many individual games had they played?

0 votes

Tanu and Sadaf were playing poker for chocolates

  • The winner of each game will receiver one pack of chocolate from the other.

When the two ladies decided to go home:
one one them had won three games , while the other had won three packs of chocolates.

How many individual games had they played?

posted Feb 22, 2021 by Vishal

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1 Answer

0 votes

9 games in total.

answer Feb 23, 2021 by Jcm

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A tennis tournament is announced, in which the winner of each games moves forwards to the next round, while the loser drops out of the competition.
One hundred players enter the tournament, How many games must be played to produce one final winner?

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There are 97 baseball team participating in a tournament. The champion is chosen by the usual elimination scheme. That is, all teams are divided into pairs, and two teams of each pair play against each other. The loser of each pair is eliminated, and the remaining teams are paired up again.

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Two Cricket teams had the same win percentage before a series.

After they played a 4 game series the win percentage of both the teams improved.

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Aarav, Brijesh, Chander, Danish and Eeshan decided to play a game of tiddly winks. In this game they decided that one win will get 1 point for winning, 0 for losing and 1/2 in case of a tie.

They finished the game in alphabetical order and it was found that the scores were different for each person.

Based on the following two statements, can you find out the result of the individual games?
Brijesh: No one could finish like me, without a loss.
Eeshan: No one played worse than me, I finished without a single win.