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Bright as diamonds, Loud as thunder, Never still, A thing of wonder. What?

0 votes
Bright as diamonds, Loud as thunder, Never still, A thing of wonder. What?
posted 3 days ago by Atif

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It roars like thunder,
And rises higher,
While breathing fire,
This wingless wonder.
If it leaves its cave,
Drags us in its tail,
Over hill and dale,
Then you must be brave.
Early morning flight,
Silently it flies,
Slowly in the skies,
Hides before the night.
My kingdom at least,
To the brave young knight,
If you name it right.
What is this huge beast?

+2 votes

Tall as a tree, dressed in white, my bridal veil is shiny bright Up all night, never sleeping: if i rest, many are weeping. Upon the shores since the days of old, my silent message what am i?

0 votes

Her pretty wings, as still as stones, as she waits on the wall,
Once bright with vibrant summer hues, are now brown as fall.
The word you seek, the former tint of her and her sister's wings,
On Orchid island can be found, at the beginning of all things.
What is it?

0 votes

It is far away from you, but he still shine bright.
He sleep at day, and wake up by night.
He stay by the moon, but never get close to it.
What is he?

0 votes

I am black of eye and bright of hair.
I fast into the ground and follow my lord as he races around the world.
What am i?

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