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What can you find in the middle of nowhere?

0 votes
What can you find in the middle of nowhere?
posted Feb 13, 2021 by Karan Joglekar

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What is it like to live in the middle of nowhere? It's like living here in the first place or there in the second. It feels like living in Hamburg but not in Germany.

+1 vote

I am a period when dinosaurs lived but I am the middle of something, can you find out what is this called?

0 votes

Eight in a row,
with nowhere to go,
except for the two
who can jump straight through.

Eight out in front,
not one a runt.
Across the range,
to make a change.

By foot or by horse,
they stay the course.
Till the victory is won,
And the battle is done.

What does this represent?

0 votes

You might find a key of note in the middle of the night. A shortened force of nature, felt when in full flight.
What is it?

0 votes

Out of nowhere, I can erupt
A peaceful calm, I may disrupt

My trigger, one might not expect
Those around me, I may infect

The atmosphere, I may brighten
By stimuli, I delight in

From one to the next, I vary
My echoed sentiment merry

What am I?