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Guess Famous People From Presidential Inauguration Guest List.

0 votes

Below are the list of famous people invited to the presidential inauguration and you are incharge of the guest list.
But due to security reasons, their names aren't mentioned directly.
Instead you are provided clues which when put together either sound like the celebrity or directly reveal the name.

  1. Giant masculine lifting device
  2. Electronic-mown grass perfume
  3. Fast dressmaker
  4. Biblical king Stream Pork
  5. Resolve artisan
  6. Exist that speak
  7. Also pull Chinese philosophy
  8. Invoice barriers
  9. Purple rain assail
  10. Precisely within real deer
  11. Salty upon penalty area
  12. Amplifier currency
  13. Enthusiastic lassie
  14. Yard rivulets
  15. Cat ship
posted Feb 5 by Deepak Chitragar

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  1. A large pile of hay in a regular shape mean
  2. Steal the last name of a famous Hollywood actor
  3. The easily visible exhibition
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  7. One and a half molecules of hydrogen gas
  8. Not the overgiver
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