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In each of the following one of the words has to be reversed to get the answer.

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In each of the following one of the words has to be reversed to get the answer.
1. Is this small wading bird a liar ?
2. Rats visible at night, in the sky.
3. Does it pay a dog to bark is short quick bursts ?
4. Can this hard wearing fabric be mined ?
5. Can a light bodied beer be regal ?
6. Tug at the lower part of the abdomen.
7. Tool used to obtain goods and money illegally.
8. Cure warts using thin hollow plastic pipe.
9. The boy turns into an aggressive surly youth.
10. It is debatable that the evil enemy of God ever lived.
11. Is it right to repel a person because who's regarded an untouchable.
12. Swallow rapidly and plug the pipe.
13. Let's brag about the style of dress.
14. He repaid the money spent on the nappy.
15. He got stressed trying out various sweet dishes.

Eg : Rats visible at night, in the sky. - Star

posted Jan 8, 2021 by Nikita Sehgal

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