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Can you figure out this rebus?

0 votes

Can you figure out this rebus?
g da wn

posted Dec 9, 2020 by Manish Tiwari

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Figure out this rebus.

Boy : Can I dig a hole?
Dad : Well sure, why not?
Boy : Can I climb a tree?
Dad : Yes, sir!
Boy : Can I jump off the roof?
Dad : Of course!
Boy : Can I fly in the sky?
Dad : Yes, son, you can!
Boy : Can I go into space?!
Dad : Erm. No, I'm sorry, son. You can't do that.

+1 vote

This teaser is in honor of man's quest to quench his thirst with non-alcoholic beverages. Can you figure out what drinks are depicted below?

  1. Joint between thigh and lower leg + having great elevation + yielding readily to pressure + swallowing liquid contents.

  2. A practitioner of medicine + spicy hot pod like fruit that grows on plants.

  3. Dried and powdered rhizome used as spice + another name for beer.

  4. Underground portion of a plant + another name for ale.

  5. A natural elevation of the earth's surface having considerable mass and a height greater than that of a hill + water droplets condensed from the air.

  6. A powder made from cacao seeds + tropical African evergreen plant having reddish fragrant nutlike seeds.

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In The 1st month of this year(year 2013) , i noticed that the date 13-1-13 (13 January 2013) is special.

This date is special as :
Date * Month = Year.

Can you figure out which year of this century have maximum number of such dates ?

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Can you figure out the animal in this picture puzzle ?

enter image description here