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Can you find hidden vegetables in the sentences below.

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Can you find hidden vegetables in the sentences below:
1. Oscar, rotting vegetables should go in the bin, not the fridge.
2. At the KFC outlet the man smoking a cigar licks his fingers in anticipation.
3. Bart said with a gasp, a rag used to wipe the floor cannot be used to wipe washed vegetables.
4. Pipkin, wasn't that the last ring? Be an angel and answer it next time.
5. Is Maloni on the phone again ? Ask him to get off I'm expecting an urgent call.
6. At the Brixton bus depot a torn sack was lying unclaimed.
7. Mitch I like spicy food but please less oil.
8. Stop a cab, bag each and every item and stow it neatly in the trunk.
9. Bart try and spin a Chinese top on the palm of your hand, it's very difficult.
10. The Mexican I sent with a can to fetch gas has run away with my money.
11. The winner's hall others seem to avoid is actually ideal for the conference.
12. The fortune teller spread out the Tarot cards and asked me to pick one.
13. I'm being transferred to Berlin, I better begin German language classes.
14. Bart was a bit nervous before the audition. His palms were sweating.
15. In Gujarat in India, Kongos or Bantus from the lower Congo river area have got together and built a community centre.
16. It's so strange, every turn I put on this screw seems to loosen it even more.
17. At Tom's Seafood Deli, Catalufa on Rye bread seems to be a fast moving item.

posted Nov 20 by Tapesh Kulkarni
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See if you can find them.
1. The best thing to do if you are scared is hum merry tunes.
2. Bart, if you need some help or scheme to start a new business just call me.
3. Do Adam Johnson and Sarah Blasko dance as well as the Russian couple? I
4. Out of all the alcohol Dennis likes Carlsberg beer the best.
5. I've always wondered if Pipkin can afford a German radio.
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7. In the Intergalactic fighting arena Ultraman is fighting Aquaman.
8. Apart from proteins there is quite a bit of calcium in Indian cow milk.
9. There are many attributes that make the price of a jewel differ, rarity, clarity and colour are some of them.
10. Government of Venice owns forage farms that grow Alfaalfa, Rome owns some too.

+1 vote

Hidden in the following sentences are objects which you may find in a kitchen. Can you find them?

  1. John wanted to name his new dog either Wilf or Ken.

  2. "I'll always be here to help, you know", his kind uncle Albert said.

  3. Jenny put the soup and the bread on the table, ready for lunch.

  4. Even though Sarah shouted "Stop!", other people carried on running.

  5. After a long day at the office, James drove northwards towards his house.

  6. David's model boat was broken. Even though the stern was solid, the bow leaked and had to be repaired"

  7. The children laughed as the clown swung Alec upside down and round and round.

  8. Grandad saw David was having trouble with his history homework and said "Hey, Lad, let me help you".

  9. When dad brought a friend home with him, mum said to him "Fred, is he staying for dinner?"

  10. Steve loved watching the programme about Scotland. His favourite bit was watching lasses dance the Highland Fling.

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A part of the body is hidden in each of the following sentences. The first sentence contains "head." Can you find the rest?

  1. The ad is for Monday's sale.
  2. The tour group can go to either country.
  3. My car makes funny noises sometimes.
  4. Sarah and Tony are getting married.
  5. That casino seems shady.
  6. Can't you see that Hank needs help?
  7. The sea is so calm out here.
  8. Would you like to go surfing, Erin?
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Hidden in each of the sentences below are the numbers 1 to 10 in words.

For example, "My parents told me to never cross the road without looking." This sentence contains the number 1: "My parents told me tO NEver cross the road without looking."

A number might appear in more than one sentence, and the numbers aren't necessarily in order! A number also might be hidden in a larger word.

  1. The robins love hiding amongst the smooth reeds.
  2. It's always worth looking after your friends, even if they've upset you.
  3. Even heavyweight boxers like using soft tissues when they have a cold.
  4. To avoid the calf, I veered sharply to the left.
  5. The eggs were boxed thirteen instead of a dozen in each baker's delivery box.
  6. Having salmon every day for lunch gets a little boring after a while.
  7. The attendance at the local football match exceeded last weeks by many thousands.
  8. We need to waterproof our boots to make sure we don't get wet.
  9. Meeting friends after work allows executives to network effectively.
  10. The orchestra sounded magnificent with the many virtuosi xylophonists.
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