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Peter is hiding but his head is can seen. [CLOSED]

0 votes
Peter is hiding but his head is can seen. [CLOSED]
closed with the note: The only riddle is what the question is.
posted Nov 11 by Mohammad

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Anaya can drive a Toyota, but not a Prius.
She can marry Otto, but not Peter.
She can borrow or rob, but not share and steal.

Can Anaya pull up if I pull up?

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I can be found in hiding but I hide awfully well.
I can hide in a ghost or a ghoul
I could hide in a school.
Of course you could find me in an hour.
I'm first in heaven then enter into hell
and it feels like home in both as well.
But no trouble or evil I'll ever make
At worst I'm responsible for a headache.
So who or what am I?

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Tommy is trying to catch a fish.
But there aren't any fish in the water.
Can you see where five little fish are hiding ?

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