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Each letter represents a different digit. Solve for each letter.

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Here is the problem:

enter image description here

Each letter represents a different digit. Solve for each letter.

posted Sep 26, 2020 by Sandeep Otari

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Solve the below equation by replacing each letter by different digit.

4 x (O N E) = T E N

Note: No letter can be replaced by number zero.

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A9543B represents a six-digit number in which A and B are digits different from each other. The number is divisible by 11 and also by 8.
What digit does A represent?

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In Numberrangements, you are given an arrangement of letters. The letters represent all of the whole numbers from 1 to the total number of letters used. Each letter represents a different number. Using the clues given, find which number each letter represents.


  1. The sum of the top row is greater than the sum of the middle row, which is greater than the sum of the bottom row.
  2. E is a prime factor of G.
  3. F is greater than A.
  4. The sum of B and G is equal to H.
  5. I is not 1.
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There is a four-digit number ABCD, where A, B, C, D each represents a different digit from 1 to 9.

If ABCD is divisible by 13, BCDA is divisible by 11, CDAB is divisible by 9, and DABC is divisible by 7, what is the original number ABCD?

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In the following Cryptarithm, each letter represents a distinct digit. What would be the value of XYZ?