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There is a strange town named "pagalpur" Here just by looking you cannot.........Question: Which is A (male or female) ?

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There is a strange town named "pagalpur"
Here just by looking you cannot determine whether the person is a male or a female.
But you know male always tells the truth and female always lies.

You meet two people "A and B", they told you as :
A: B is a lying female. I am man.
B: A is telling the truth.

Question: Which is A (male or female) ?

posted Sep 11, 2020 by Ankur Athari

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1 Answer

0 votes

A is female.
Before starting our discussion let me make it clear that the two statements given by A has to be either both true or both false
let's consider that A is lying (which makes A a female), but B is supporting A which makes B also a lier then B also is a female.
Let's consider that A is not lying,then B has to lie that A is false ,but that's not happening (i.e,B said that A is telling truth). So this combination won't work.
So both A and B are female

answer Sep 18, 2020 by anonymous

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