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A stockist wants to make some profit by selling rice. Which of the following would maximize his profit?

0 votes

A stockist wants to make some profit by selling rice.
He contemplates about various methods.
Which of the following would maximize his profit?
1. Sell rice at 10% profit.
2. Use 900 g of weight instead of 1 kg.
3. Mix 10% impurities in rice and selling rice at cost price.
4. Increase the price by 5% and reduce weights by 5%.

posted Sep 9 by Amarvansh

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1 Answer

0 votes

If price per kg = 100
1. 110/kg profit => 10/Kg
2. 1000×100/900 = 111.11/Kg => profit = 11.11/Kg
3. Profit = (100 - (1000×100/1100))/(1000×100/1100) = 10/Kg
4. 105 for 950 grams = 110.53/Kg => profit = 10.53/Kg

Option 2 with profit of 11.11/Kg is the highest here.

answer Sep 10 by Tejas Naik

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