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Identify the animals from the clues:

+3 votes

Identify the animals from the clues:
1) They can swim but they’re not fish,
they are slow but they’re not turtles,
they live and hang from trees,
but they are not monkeys!

2) What animal you should never trust?

3) There is something black and white,
but it’s not an old TV,
It’s a type of animal you bet,
that starts with the last letter of the alphabet!

4) If a man would carry my burden, he would break his back,
I am not rich, but leave silver in my track!

5) What has armour, but it’s not a knight,
Snaps but it’s not a twig, that’s always at home even on the move!

6) The cow is my cousin,
if you see my name you’ll understand why!

7) I have no sword, I have no spear,
yet rule a horde, which many fear,
My soldiers fight with wicked sting,
I rule with might, yet I am not a king!

8) This is the fish that always comes first!

9) It can be white or blue or black,
humped or have a horn,
And when it talks it sings it’s minuets,
as it’s traveling the depths!

10) A stallion’s a male, a female is called a mare!

posted Aug 31 by Dilbagh

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1 Answer

0 votes
  1. sloth
    7.queen bee

  2. 9.whale
answer Sep 2 by Jazzel Time Killer

Similar Puzzles
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Identify the fruits and vegetables from the following clues:

(Don't assume that you know how part of a clue is pronounced. There may be more than one way!)

  1. "Mom, may we please go outside? Will you please let us play? PLEASE! PLEASE!"

  2. Another name for a taxi + the rings in a tree indicate what? = ___________________.

  3. A pool stick + C + a burnt brownish color = ______________________.

  4. Your mother pairs socks at the toes.

  5. A drink + me + the end of the word "talon" = _____________________.

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Identify 2 words for each given clues.
Remove 1 letter from first answer to find the 2nd answer.
eg. The Wright brothers/Illumination - FLIGHT > LIGHT

1) The Wright brothers/Illumination
2) Travelling through the air/Not the truth
3) True statement/Part of a play
4) Straightforward/Position in hierarchy
5) Device for igniting an explosive/To employ
6) A numeric digit/Belongs to us
7) To put in as much as possible/Unwell
8) Above 37 degrees/At any time

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A palindrome is a word or phrase that reads the same, if it's turned back-to-front. The names Bob, Eve, and Otto are all palindromes. So is the name of the pop group Abba. Try to identify palindromic words from the following clues. Good luck!

Example: Part of the body
Answer: Eye

  1. Midday
  2. A young dog
  3. Flat
  4. Word for addressing a lady
  5. An Eskimo canoe
  6. A system for detecting aircraft, ships, etc.
  7. An action
  8. Pieces of music for one person
  9. Grass that grows on the seashore
  10. In music, half a semibreve
  11. Doctrine
  12. Restorer
0 votes

A shipment of butterflies was mixed up by the dock workers, and they could not find who bought which species, where it was from, and what was the price. All the workers know is that Alejandro, Faye, Yvette, Sophie, and Zachary could have each bought butterflies that cost $60, $75, $90, $105, or $120. Each could have bought the Clearwing, the Emperor, the Grayling, the Swallowtail, or the Torturix butterflies. Each butterfly could have lived in Australia, Jordan, Luxembourg, Panama, or Qatar. It is up to you to find out who bought which butterfly, what was the price, and where did it come from with the provided clues:

  1. Neither the butterfly from Luxembourg nor the one from Australia sold for $90.

  2. The Emperor butterfly cost $30 more than the Torturix butterfly.

  3. Zachary's purchase was $75.

  4. The butterfly from Australia cost less than the one from Luxembourg.

  5. Alejandro's purchase was from Luxembourg.

  6. Of Yvette's purchase and the purchase for $60, one was from Qatar and the other was the Torturix.

  7. The butterfly that sold for $120 was not from Panama.

  8. The insect from Australia was not the Torturix.

  9. Faye bought the Torturix.

  10. Sophie did not buy the Grayling.

  11. Of the Emperor and the insect worth $105, one was won by Yvette and the other was from Luxembourg.

  12. The insect that sold for $105 was the Swallowtail.

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