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Whats the reason for her unusual behavior ?

+1 vote

Tanu lives on the 13th floor takes the elevator down to the ground floor every morning and goes to her office.

In the evening, when she comes back on a rainy day , or if there are other people around in the elevator, she goes to her 13th floor directly. Otherwise, she goes to the 1oth floor and walks up three flights of stairs to his apartment.

Whats the reason for her unusual behavior ?

posted Oct 16, 2014 by Vrije Mani Upadhyay

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2 Answers

+1 vote

this behavior of tanu is because of her height..
and when In the evening, when she comes back on a rainy day , or if there are other people around in the elevator..she go to the 13th floor with help of person or umbrella..

answer Nov 11, 2014 by Gaurav Shukla
0 votes

She is short so she cant reach 13th no. button thats the reason of her unusual behavior.

answer Oct 16, 2014 by Avantika Agrawal

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