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Can you calculate the distance between the starting mark and the final mark with the help of the given data?

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Arnav and Sarthak decided to take their respective car out of the garage and race. None of them cheated and they both stood at the start time and decided to cover a distance in full throttle. The first to reach the mark was to be declared the winner.

Upon reaching the finishing mark, they found out that Arnav's car is 1.2 times faster than Sarthak's. Now, Sarthak had reached the mark about 1 minute and 30 seconds later than Arnav. Sarthak's car reached the mark at 60 kmph on average.

Can you calculate the distance between the starting mark and the final mark with the help of the given data?

posted Oct 16, 2014 by Varuna Magar

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2 Answers

+1 vote

Ans: 9 km
Speed of Sarthak's car=60 kmph=50/3 m/s
So speed of Arnav's car= 1.2×50/3 = 20m/s
Let distance between initial and finishing mark be d.
Time required for Sarthak= d÷50/3
Time required for Arnav = d÷ 20
But Sarthak takes 1min 30 sec = 90 sec more than Arnav.
3d/50 = d/20 + 90
d= 9000 metres = 9 km

answer Dec 14, 2014 by Swapnil Morankar
+1 vote

Distance is 9 Km
Sidhharth is driving with 60 kmph so he will take 9 minutes nd Arnav is driving with 60*1.2 =72 kmph so he will reach in 7.5 minutes that is before 1minute and 30 seconds

answer Jul 23, 2015 by Pankaj Bora

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